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After our Top 10 offensive draft picks , we thought it was high time to do the top defensive draft picks. Cheap Air Max 720 Sale . So heres Alex Ferguson on who the selectors should get defensively‚Ķ Top offensive players View From America... Myles Jack (OL, UCLA) Myles Jack [right] in defensive mode Myles Jack was such a terrific athlete that he also played running back for the Bruins when they really needed one, and was pretty successful. Unfortunately, a knee injury this year caused question marks about his future. But if Jack stays healthy, hes going to be a bona fide NFL hit. Joey Bosa (DE, Ohio State) Joey Bosa shines in the snow Described by college football expert Sean Fitz as a future first round pick, Bosa didnt do anything to make people think differently in his final year. Hes the sort of guy who can control offensive lines at the line of scrimmage - although there are questions about how well he turns a corner to get at a quarterback. Still, hes a fine tackler (five sacks, 51 tackles) and was highly thought-of by the college football gods (two All-American selections).Jalen Ramsey (S, Florida State) Jalen Ramsey [right] dives through the air to make a tackle When I first saw Ramsey play in college I thought that he was a future star, and things havent changed since - apart from his production fell a little bit this year as the ball was thrown away from him towards his other secondary colleagues. Hes 60, and has incredible jumping skills. Cant wait for him against the Odell Beckhams of the NFL.Vernon Hargreaves (CB, Florida) Vernon Hargreaves #1 defends a pass Like Ramsey, he didnt see a lot of offences go anywhere near him in his final year - but when they did, it was generally a schoolboy error (he had four INTs and earned an All-American spot).Reggie Ragland (IL, Alabama) Reggie Ragland #19 knocks an opponents helmet off Ragland was the linchpin of Alabamas National Championship victory, and he was a brilliant tackler (102 tackles) and could also get to the quarterback (2.5 sacks). He could also put the pass away (seven passes defended) and was a huge leader on an Alabama team full of leaders. Some teams will be begging Ragland to drop further.Shaq Lawson (DE, Clemson) Shaq Lawson #90 attempts a sack When Lawson was missing for Clemson, you knew it. That was how good Lawson was. Armed with great brights, a 63, 270lbs frame and he led the NCAA in tackles for loss. So he was pretty good at getting through offensive lines, then.DeForest Buckner (DE, Oregon) DeForest Buckner #44 battles two opponents Buckner shone on one of the worst defences in college football (117th out of 128) which gave up 62, 55, and 47 points in just three games. It was that awful defence because the 67, big-handed Buckner was double-teamed all the way through the season and still managed 80 tackles. His biggest game was when it mattered in the showdown with Stanford when he had 10 tackles and a sack in a freakish performance.Sheldon Rankins (DT, Louisville) Sheldon Rankins makes a tackle Called an interior disruptor by the US media, Rankins biggest game was against the ACCs best team - Clemson, in which he had eight tackles and a sack. He had five tackles and a sack in the bowl game against one of the next best teams in Texas A&M, too.Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State) Eli Apple dives in for a tackle Another of the very talented players coming from Ohio State, Apple was another cornerback who found himself thrown away from - grabbing just one interception and 33 tackles all season while the year before he had three and 53. Hes a physical defender that might need some coaching-up before hes the real thing. But hes still very good.Robert Nkemdiche (DE, Ole Miss) Robert Nkemdiche grabs onto his man Nkemdiche is an intelligent ballplayer whos going to destroy offensive lines when he gets to the NFL. Arguably, hes better than Joey Bosa, but questions over his character issues mean that he gets a 5 on talent but a 5 on the Worry Factor, too.  Also See: How to watch the NFL Draft Sky Sports Digital mock draft NFL Draft: Beginners guide WATCH: Dreaming of the NFL Air Max 720 Wholesale Free Shipping . "I was fortunate to play many years at this level with a great organization and unbelievable teammates," said Hejduk in a statement. Cheap Air Max 720 . -- Jacksonville wide receiver Cecil Shorts will likely be a game-time decision whether hell play Sunday in the Jaguars home game against the San Diego Chargers. . "Four now," Carl Gunnarsson told the Leaf Report proudly following a 5-2 victory over New York on Tuesday night, the clubs fifth straight at home. We continue our review of the Hearthstone cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan with new cards from the Grimy Goons and the Jade Lotus, the names given for the factions that utilize the tri-class cards debuting in this expansion set. Several Mage and Warlock cards have been revealed since our last installment, so we now have a better picture of what these classes will look like after the card set drops next month.We start out with three cards that go along with the Grimy Goons mechanic of buffing in-hand minions in order to make less linear styles of gameplay more practical, something thats necessary to keep games of Hearthstone from being tempo fights.The initial comparison of Grimy Gadgeteer may be the Screwjank Clunker from Goblins vs. Gnomes, a four-mana 2/5 that had a Battlecry of giving a friendly Mech +2/+2. But this card is better. Screwjank Clunker, while providing reach, required you to have something on board while the Gadgeteer only requires you to have something in your hand, a much easier condition to fulfill. So from the start, youre likely to get 6/5 worth of stats for your four mana and the card has quasi-Taunt, in that the effect triggers at the end of every turn, meaning this card must be removed quickly. Even without constructed buff decks, Arena is minion-based enough that this will see play.Brass Knuckles on the other hand, Im not so sure about. Getting the +1/+1 random buff has value, but its such a slow weapon and theres a danger in having too many weapons in Warrior. Youre obviously not cutting Fiery War Axe and Id prefer Fools Bane to this (you have to survive to get to your slow buffed cards after all). Is there room for yet another weapon, one that isnt directly dangerous to the board? I dont think there is.The 5/6 stat line for seven mana of Don HanCho is underwhelming on its face and demands sexy card text. And while the effect isnt too wacky or unusual, its strong enough to make the card at least interesting in slower buff decks. Five-mana 5/6 cards are playable and a two-mana spell with that effect would be also; additionally, having a two-card combo in one card -- at least when the two things arent that odd -- is quite valuable. I dont think this will be a must-include, but there are ways to exploit an effect this stat-heavy. This is a tri-class card (Hunter/Paladin/Warrior) and while this is probably too slow for the Hunters kit, Paladin and Warrior have the tools to survive into late game.The Kabal Chemist represents pseudo card draw, something that can be quite powerful even without it being a Discover card. This card draws a random Potion, a much more powerful group of cards than the spare parts that many Goblins vs. Gnomes cards added to your hand. There have been seven Potions released, consisting of three AOE potions, a minion buff potion, an enemy minion-weakening potion, a Secret, and the mini-Shadow Madness one. Most of these potions have some utility to a Priest, Warlock, or Mage, the three classes that can play this card. Discovering a Potion would be even more powerful, but then youd probably need a weaker minion than 3/3 for four mana to compensate.Two of the potions, for Mage, are the Volcanic Potion and the Potion of Polymorph.The effect of the Volcanic Potion is good enough, but the all minions disclaimer means that Mage decks that do rely on minions cant make much use of this card, so Tempo Mage is probably out. What this card does empower is the more control style of Mage. Not sure if it makes the Freeze Mage cut, but the conditions are there. I think where this card will see the most play is in a Grinder Mage that tries to get to fatigue and win there.For Potion of Polymorph, youll need a control-heavy meta for this to see play at all in tournament play.. Air Max 720 Outlet. Most midrange and aggro decks will be able to play around this fairly easily, the same way Mirror Image can be played around. Actual Polymorph is only one mana more and you can actually choose when to play it - this card is only obviously better in situations where your opponent is playing a quick-impact card like Grommash Hellscream or Ragnaros. But if this becomes anything more than occasional surprise card, what are the odds your opponent will give you cards like that?Kabal Lackeys viability requires Secret Mage to be an actual played deck. While it looks good in isolation -- playing a three-mana secret for free is a lot of value -- theres already a card in the Kirin Tor Mage that also does this and that never sees high-level play. Secrets are weak enough that just being able to play a secret in hand for free just isnt enough of an effect, you really need to be able to play all of them, like Cloaked Huntress in Hunter, or be able to draw and play one like Mad Scientist enables for the card to be that great.While Lackey may see play in Arena formats that encourage you to have a few one-drops, Kabal Crystal Runner really needs a Secret-heavy deck to see play. I dont think this deck will happen, so I expect this card to be one of the least-played from this expansion. Menagerie Warden in Druid has the same stat line, a better effect, and in a deck that is actually viable, and even that card is sometimes just an overcosted 5/5. That will happen more often with this card.With multiple cards this expansion that activate if you have no duplicates in your deck and Reno Jackson rotating out sometime this spring, were going to have to find a new name for Reno decks. Chogall in Warlock hasnt worked so far because Warlock doesnt have a lot of big spells that you actually want to play. Thats not true for Mage, that has Pyroblast, Flamestrike, Blizzard, Firelands Portal, Cabalists Tome, etc. Reno Mage ... err ... Singleton Mage has been on the edge of playability and I think this could be the tipping point for it, which will enable all sorts of cards like Medivh that arent seeing a lot of play right now.For those more familiar with seeing Murloc cards in Paladin and Shaman, Warlock was actually the original Murloc-stacked deck, Warlocks hero power preventing your hand from running dry after you play a bazillion small-mana Murloc cards. Will Seadevil Stinger revive the Murlock archetype? Im not so sure about that, there arent high-mana Murlocs apart from Finja, the Flying Star and many of the times you get around to playing this card, youll be running out of cards, not mana. I think this may be a one-off if we see Murlock come back, but I dont think its that amazing without a few more large Murloc cards.Its hard not to wonder if Bloodfury Potion doesnt exist to make Kabal Chemist weaker. The least powerful potion released, even in the best case scenario, three-mana for a +3/+3 buff for a Warlock is decent, not amazing, and there will be many times you cant pull this off. And if you get this as Priest or Mage playing the Kabal Chemist, you might cry.A much better potion is the Felfire Potion and Control Priests and Mages will absolutely not weep in a corner after drawing this one off Kabal Chemist. Much of the time, youll be able to clear the board and even if you dont, you ought to be able to weaken it enough to ping off or remove remaining minions using other methods. A good, straightforward spell.This article is part of a series analyzing the cards in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Hearthstone expansion. For more, see part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7. 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