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Teacher Zhao is good! With my loud greetings Cheap Newport Regular Online, Teacher Zhao ushered me into the house with a spring breeze. Teacher Zhao is my Chinese teacher and an experienced old teacher. He looks ordinary and has no peculiarities. He is thin. I have two white spots and plain clothes. I usually like to listen to his class! Because he can always tell the boring content to the ground, so that people can enter his mind unconsciously and swim with him. The ocean of knowledge.sat around him with a smile. I found the butterfly specimen in the corner and said, "This butterfly specimen is so beautiful!" Teacher Zhao said: "Yes! I love to make all kinds of specimens." Teacher Zhao is full of enthusiasm. Said. I sometimes listen to my chin with full concentration, and sometimes I keep taking notes. listening to the teacher's talk, suddenly a stack of red and brilliant certificates came into my eyes. Open a look, oh, all honor certificates! There are model teachers, excellent counselors... Looking at the certificate, I suddenly asked: "Mr. Zhao, have you been working for a few years?" Teacher Zhao said: "I am 23 years old and graduated from the university to work in Hengjie. This year is 55 years old. "So, have you been working for 32 years?" I screamed. This flashing number has been lingering in my mind for a long time: 32 years, how long it is in the journey of life. From a college graduate to an old teacher with white hair, Mr. Zhao has been sticking to his job for 32 years. Where the people need it, work quietly and contribute their own light and heat. What a glorious 32 years! The certificate of honor in front of me is like a bright red flame Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices, which brightens my heart. I admire: "Mr. Zhao, you are amazing!" Teacher Zhao looked at me with anticipation and said in a passionate tone: "This is nothing, as long as you study hard, you will get better results than me!" way home, my heart was ups and downs and I was deeply respected by our teachers. Ah, teacher, you are like a candle, burning yourself and illuminating others; you are like a spring silkworm Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa, spitting the last silk for the students; you are like a hard gardener, nurturing a lot of seedlings, so that They thrive. Ah, teacher, you shoulder the hope of the people, break the heart for us, we will never forget you! Although I don��t know how many people have said these things, I don��t know how many years I��ve been talking about, but at this moment it��s really my sincere heart!teachers have taught me, but my teacher is the teacher Wang Huijuan Wang who teaches me now.ll remember the moment when Teacher Wang smiled and walked into the classroom. At that time, I didn't want to change my teacher because I was very affectionate to Song and I liked Song. But when Mr. Wang wrote his name on the blackboard and introduced himself, let us introduce the advantages and disadvantages of her class. When I talked about the first class, I began to like Wang.days with Teacher Wang are the happiest days of primary school, and our classes enjoy different treatments from other classes. We have: April Fool's Day, snowball fight, advantage bombing, shortcoming bombing, biological corner, book corner... I remember that April Fool's Day was so interesting. I arrived at the school early in the morning, and the classmates were at the school gate. I came to an obstacle, and even the people brought the bag to the playground. We still didn��t figure out what was going on, and we were called back. The students and the teacher made a joke and fooled Mr. Wang, but the plan failed. I was discovered by Teacher Wang. After class, Teacher Wang said: "You can sit casually in class today." We used to listen to the teacher's words and we started to grab the position. I was fooled and sat in the first row. As a result, some smart students sat in the position and did not care. I If you don't feel right, rushing back, the students know that they have been fooled and rushed back. Mr. Wang is too "revenge", and the whole year-level teacher explained that the day went to the spring tour, "Spring Tour", we have been waiting for a long time Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, the teacher can hang a small blackboard in the classroom when he is out of school, saying: "Foolish doll, Stupid girl, deceived, is purely voluntarily... I still laughed when I think of it Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping. Teacher Wang taught me to look for happiness.was a sports meeting, the fifth grade competition was over, and other grades started. I played with the parallel bars of several students. I accidentally fell to the waist. Cui pitched and bleed the chin. Teacher Wang was very angry. Let us write a review book. . Teacher Wang taught me to care for others and pay attention to safety.r Wang has a lot of influence on me... I am very happy to meet such a good teacher. 

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