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Some Hermes merchandise does not have a privilege to price luxury goods? from alice cart's blog

Chinese people who can afford luxury goods do not look at the price! So we don't have to price.

The Shenyang Evening News reporter came to this Fake Cheap Hermes Bags store. Since the store is the only store in Shenyang, although there are not many consumers in the store, there are consumers coming in from time to time. However, here, the reporter did not see the green "commodity price tag". After the consumer needs to name the product to be seen, the salesperson will take it to the customer and whisper.

The salesperson explained that since Hermes is a high-end luxury brand, the store implements a one-to-one service system. That is to say, after each customer, there will be a salesperson to provide services, regardless of price or product specifications and quality. Questions can be answered quickly. At the same time, each item is equipped with an original tag, and the price on the tag is clearly marked.

The reporter found in a number of high-end shopping malls selling LV, Replica Gucci Handbags and other high-end luxury counters, it is rare to see the clear label here. When the consumer asks for the price, the salesperson is looking for the tag of the product and then quoting. Consumers who have had a shopping experience in Hong Kong said that the international first-line luxury goods sold in Hong Kong are clearly priced, but the Hong Kong dollar is marked. The sales staff will actively help calculate the renminbi, and the price is very transparent.

For this secret marketing method of mainland merchants, luxury brands are internally called a marketing strategy. They believe that customers who have the ability to consume do not care about the price of goods; customers who do not have the ability to consume, even if they see the price, have no use, but will cause rebellious psychology. Therefore, the price of high-end luxury goods is usually only marked on the tag, and this mark can also be seen as a national uniform price.

Although Replica Cheap Hermes Bags achieved sales of 1.59 billion euros in the first half of the year, an increase of 22%, but still failed to prevent the 1,000 yuan fake Hermes bag from selling. Associated with high-end luxury goods is fake and shoddy. Just a few days ago, the Heyuan City Intermediate People's Court made a judgment, and the owner of the “leather hall” shop selling a large number of fake Hermès bags was sentenced to life imprisonment. This store is completely fake for the 250,000-selling Hermes lizard leather bag with a market price of 250,000 yuan. goods.

In fact, the problem of high-end luxury goods has been constant, but the gorgeous coat has covered some non-compliant operations. This time, the issue of the price of Hermes clearing revealed by Weibo users has aroused the resonance of many netizens. Netizen "Little Xiao Chang" said: "A hardcore brand like Hermès should set an example for other brands, rather than enjoying the privileges or exemptions they enjoy as a single luxury."

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